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Field recording in CornwallOver the years, we’ve created several guides to field recording and sound design – here we collect them all for you to explore.

Field recording

What makes a field recording special?  fifteen field recordists tell us about their favourite ever recording

Eight things that make a field recording special – eight factors that lift a field recording from good to great

The top 5 things you need to make a great field recording – just getting started? Think about these five questions before you hit ‘record’

Ten top simple field recording tips – ten essential tips for beginners (and for experts to refresh their memories with)

The noise made by people – an essay on human-generated sound, and the role of field recording in sonic preservation

Why Venice is the best city for field recording a note on why we fell in love with recording sound in Venice, Italy

The essential field recording & sound books – our compilation of the best reads on field recording, on sound, and for general inspiration

The best field recording albums – an inspiring collection of albums based on or using field recordings 

The top ten sound maps our collection of some of the most fascinating sound maps to be found online

Covid-19 sound resourcesa helpful repository of some of wealth of materials for musicians and sound artists during the Covid-19 lockdowns

Sound design and sonic composition

How to reimagine a sound in ten easy steps – some examples of the incredible and different ways artists have reimagined sounds

The best sound design tools of 2015 – 21 of the best tools for sound design, sound art and music making, as rated by our contributors

The best sound design tools of 20162016’s inspirational collection of sound-making tools

The best sound design tools of 2017 – the 2017 edition of our roundup of the best plugins and VSTs. 

The best sound tools of 2018what were the best sound tools of 2018?

The best sound tools of 2019our roundup of VSTs and music-making programs from 2019

The best sound tools of 2020the best sound-making programs and VSTs from 2020

The best free sound design tools – working on a budget? You can make incredible sounds for free with our roundup of the best free tools out there