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Tag: AJ Born

The street cafe that remixed itself

A trip to sunny Mallorca today, with this brief field recording of the scene outside a street cafe on Calla d’Or, submitted by AJ Born. We’ve let the field recording do the “work” in the reimagined version, setting it up to be processed and manipulated in real time by various

Allez forza St. Pauli – football reimagined

We’ve featured quite a few sounds from the tribal atmospheres of football matches in the past, as we’ve toured round the grounds – previously, Arsenal, Burton Albion and Port Vale have all been under the microscope. Today we visit the passionate cauldron of football, the Millerntor Stadion that’s home to Hamburg’s FC.

Rodby, Denmark: the harbour of dreams

After a month of exploring our imagined version of Utopia, it’s back to ‘normal service’ today as we head back to a reimagined real world. Today we’re on board a ferry from Puttgarden to Rodby in Denmark, just arriving into the harbour at Rodby as announcements are made over the tannoy system.