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Tag: Amber-Zoe Cheesman

12 noon: All aboard the flight back to London

And so at last we come to the final stop on our journey, and where could be more appropriate than the flight back to London? Here we find ourselves on board BA flight 0967 from Hamburg airport, already delayed by two hours due to high October winds in England, and

When two people remix the same field recording

Remixes are like buses – you wait for ages and then two come along at once. I’d had a recording of Giotto’s campanile in Florence in the remixing bank for six months or so, and recently Amber-Zoe Cheesman submitted a remix of that sound. Now Oxford-based sound artist and previous

The ten best sounds of July 2014

As we head into August, it’s time to listen back to the ten best sounds from July – they come from Canada, Italy and the UK and feature six different sound artists getting involved as guest contributors, and four of our own home-grown sounds. Explore the places and their sounds below!

A digital take on the bells of Florence

A field recording taken by me on New Year’s Eve last year in Florence, while climbing the Campanile di Giotto, the famous bell tower. While I was halfway up the tower, its mighty bells chimed, blasting our ears and practically shaking the walls of the tower. As an extra bonus,