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Tag: James Pamphlion

#MuseumWeek – Cities and Memory’s museum highlights

This week, Museum Week is being celebrated around the world, so we thought we’d take the opportunity to assemble the highlights of our field recordings and reimagined sounds from various museums and exhibitions around the world. Here are the Cities and Memory museum highlights for #MuseumWeek 2015. Enjoy! – The British

The ten best sounds of January 2015

We’re into February already, which means it’s time for our first roundup of 2015’s best sounds so far. On our wintery journey, we start in a bitterly cold Turin as the clocks strike and fireworks herald the coming of 2015, and throughout the month we’ve explored New York City, Venice,

At war with Germany (via Cardiff Castle)

Today we take a trip to the outbreak of the Second World War, via a visit to Cardiff Castle in Wales. A World War 2 exhibition inside the castle became an extremely unnerving soundscape – while walking around the ancient stone interior of the walls, suddenly 1930s radio broadcasts, the

2.30 pm: The organ grinder of Jungfernstieg

Jungfernstieg is one of the main boulevards in Hamburg, a place full of shops and a place for people to meet – in fact, its name comes from the fact that young people used to meet there (and in fact still do). Sonically, however, it’s not all that interesting –

What does your Seoul look like?

Ahem. Excuse the dreadful pun. An exciting moment for Cities & Memory – not only the first non-European sound to be uploaded, but also our first entry from a new contributor! Thanks to James Pamphlion for this pair of sounds from Incheon International Airport, South Korea from November 2013. The