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Tag: Matt Parker

Free album – Sounds of the Year 2015

The end of year review season is firmly upon us, so we’re happy to release Sounds of the Year 2015, a free album collecting together some of the highlights from Cities and Memory in 2015! As ever, the pieces are built from field recordings of existing locations, and the source material here takes in traffic signals, car horns, coffee cups and horses’ hooves.

The sounds of The Imitation Game

Long-time Cities and Memory contributor Matt Parker, whose work recording the sounds of the internet has previously featured on the site (along with a contribution to our #HamburgSounds project), sends in a new submission as part of his work with the UK’s National Museum of Computing. His fascinating new memory

10.30 am – Hamburg meets Birmingham in a priest’s sermon

Staying inside St. Michaelis, Birmingham’s Matt Parker took a very different and fascinating approach to the remix, bringing in sounds from a church in his hometown to blend with those of Hamburg, in effect bringing the two places into one, as he says ‘creating a giant feedback loop’ between the

What the sounds of the internet look like

Earlier in the year, sound artist Matt Parker submitted some sounds from his project investigating the sounds of the internet, via the sounds of data centres around the world – his remix of Birmingham City University’s data centre was haunting and immersive. To accompany his project, Matt has now created