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Tag: Nick Campbell

Dada in the USA

There are many Dada sounds submitted from across the USA – here are just three of our favourites from Los Angeles, Washington DC and Colorado.

World Listening Day – Sound Waves composition

As part of our overall Sound Waves project, 38 sound artists from around the world have submitted a field recording and reimagining of water somewhere in the world: ocean, river, lake, stream, swimming pool, boiling kettle, splash of a puddle – anything in which water is the defining sound. These reimagined sounds have been recomposed and re-edited by Cities and Memory into this 30-minute mixed sound piece incorporating many of the sounds in a new context.

World Listening Day: Long Pond, Massachusetts

“There’s obviously a rhythm that waves have, and that became more pronounced when it was manipulated. So I recorded a ride I took on a subway train in San Francisco and used that as a counter point – the distorted waves turning into the sound of an underground train, back into waves.”

9.00 pm – A Hamburg native points out a typical city sound

During my time in Hamburg, I was fortunate enough to be accompanied for some of the time by’s Sebastian Thies-Hinrichsen, who kindly showed me some of the sights of his hometown, and came up with some excellent suggestions for field recordings. Thanks to him, later you’ll hear the Old

An LA story, told in sounds

Today we’re off to Los Angeles, courtesy of a submission from LA musician Nick Campbell, who has blended the sounds of the staircase in his office building with meditative chants from a nearby house to create a new sound and a new place from the results. He writes: “The stairs